• 1 Inch Colored Plastic Slides


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Plastic Slides are some of our best-selling items and our 1-inch Colored Plastic Slides are particularly popular

Our slides are made of heavy-duty plastic and are designed to last

At Strapworks, we're committed to offering customers the best value, which is why our premium slides are priced low

However, quantities are limited, so order all of your favorites today while you still can.

Once installed, they will stand up to regular use with ease, holding your strap firmly in place throughout the day for long-lasting comfort

Our plastic slides don't have any sharp edges and are the perfect choice for fashion use

Simply slide the webbing onto the slide, then attach your buckle of choice to the end and you're ready to go

The fashion slides are available in a range of colors and make a great addition to any fashion-related project

The plastic slides make it possible to lengthen or shorter a belt or strap with just a few quick adjustments, allowing for a greater range of sizes and an improved fit

The small, lightweight slides are designed for use with 1-inch wide webbing or straps and are easy to install